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Game Collector was made to help hardcore gamers easily organize their PC and console game collection in the simplest and most appealing way.

This program is connected to the Internet so you can download information on all the games in your collection to avoid having to enter it manually. This means you can, for example, search 'Final Fantasy' to find all the related titles and add them to your virtual gaming shelf, be they for PCs, consoles, or mobile phones.

Game Collector lets you add album artwork manually if you don't want to do it automatically. You can also tick games as favorites to access them more quickly, view graphs with statistics about your collection, and change the display of your virtual shelf. You can also export your collection in different formats for easy online sharing or even upload it to the Game Collector website.

Game Collector is a unique program made exclusively for extreme gaming enthusiasts, as well those who need to keep tabs on their game collections.

Some features are limited in the trial version.

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